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Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion in Vancouver, BC? Look no further! Our interactive craft workshops are a great choice for events, celebrations, and birthday parties. With a minimum of just 6 participants, our workshops are perfect for small group gatherings.

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Looking for new craft workshops and activities for social groups or students in Vancouver, BC? We will bring our workshops to you! Discounted rates are available depending on the group size.

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Our Available Workshops

Using various colours, fragrances and silicone molds, you will be designing one-of-a kind soaps that have unique scents and looks! Each participant will get to take home up to 3 of their personalized creations. No experience required, and all supplies will be included. Glycerin soap base will be used so the soaps will be ready for unmolding, packaging, and labelling near the end of class.

Available to people of all age groups and abilities.

$55 per person

2 hour workshop

Soap Art Workshop

Painted Tote Bag Workshop

In this workshop, you have the opportunity to design a personalized tote bag. Using permanent fabric paint, sponge brushes, paint brushes and a wide variety of stencil options, you can use several techniques to apply the paint to the blank canvas tote bag. You will learn color mixing basics which will allow you to create your favorite shades of color. Feel free to paint your design without the use of stencils if you're feeling ambitious! Towards the end of class, the tote bags will be ironed to set the paint and then they are ready to be used! All supplies will be included.

$43 per person

1.5-2 hour workshop

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Create your own succulent terrarium bowl using various elements such as soil, colorful preserved moss, decorative gravel, miniature mushrooms, a variety of other decorations and of course, the succulent of your choice. You will be given guidance on how to create your own living art piece, as well as learn about basic care instructions. All supplies will be included. Feel free to bring your own bag for ease of carrying.

$55 per person

2 hour workshop

Paint By Diamonds Bird Keychains

Paint by diamonds is a relaxing craft activity for those who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of painting and the satisfaction of completing a beautiful work of art. Following the paint-by-numbers concept, the canvas will act as a guide for you to create a pattern with your choice of colors. You will learn how to use a diamond applicator to complete your art piece. All supplies will be provided but we recommend bringing glasses if necessary to ensure an optimal creative experience.

This workshop is recommended for age 15+.

$26 per person

2 hour workshop

Gummy Bear Bracelet Workshop

Get ready for a fun beaded bracelet workshop! You will get to design your own gummy bear bracelets using an assortment of colorful round beads and cute gummy bear charms. You will be shown a few simple bead pattern ideas to create your own personalized bracelets. Make two bracelets and share one with a friend!

$27 per person

1.5 hour workshop

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